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On Criticism, Career, and Survival

Can you survive by doing that?

A parent's worry, especially if their kid is trying to pursue a career in the arts or anything else the parent doesn't personally know to be a viable option.

Really, the answer for ALL of us, no matter what our career path, is "Don't know." "Doing my best." "Making the best choices I can right now."

(And sometimes in the back of our minds, Can I survive if I DON'T do that? Our soul keeps us alive as much as our wallet does.)

Criticism doesn't help someone make better choices. It just cuts them off from their ability to make the choices that are right for them, and stay connected to you. And often, it makes it harder for them to access their right choices, period.

Judgment and anxiety do the same.

So lay off the criticism and let go of the judgment.

Trust your kid.

Show up with curiosity and faith. Tend to your own fears. Offer a safe landing pad of love, caring, and gentleness for the stumbles. Remember that it's a process and we're all allowed to be imperfect and ask for help once in a while.

ABS :: draft date 10/4/16

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