DRAFTS :: Here is an evolving collection of teachings and preachings. Each piece is a draft—solid enough for me to put out there, but marking a point in time, not necessarily a finality of thought or expression. I may change my mind, or clarify further. I'm a work in progress, as we all are.

I hold these truths

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

We're not inherently better than any other people or nation.

This planet has limited resources.

Excess now takes away from future generations, and excess for Americans takes away from other humans.

This nation was built on terrible injustices as well as lofty ideals. We have a responsibility to face these injustices and own them and to step fully into restorative justice for African Americans and Native Americans.

Capitalism as it is currently being practiced here is a threat to our nation, because rich getting richer and poor getting poorer leads to revolution. We need to find a way to bring in enough elements of socialism so that everyone is cared for and taken care of, in all the ways we are still failing most people right now, and keep the best parts of capitalism—so that everyone can get by with a decent life, and those who want to strive can still be rewarded for their success.

The American experiment with democracy is at risk. Timely, courageous, and effective action from our elected representatives matters. Thoughtful and educated participation in elections by each of us also matters.

ABS :: draft date 9/19/2018

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