Essay Magic

for college applications and scholarships

Writing admissions essays can be joyful, exciting, and transformative. Even--maybe especially--if the prospect terrifies you.

And a stellar essay can get you into college.

I will help you (or your kid) create a stellar essay and enjoy the process.

Here's an overview of what I offer...

A choice of three a la carte options to receive just the right essay magic for the way you work.

Quality written feedback on ONE draft of an essay, via email. Your essay will receive up to an hour of my time to give it the attention, questions, and suggestions that you'll need to take it to the next level.

Two-hour brainstorming/consulting/editing sessions, via phone/Skype or in person in Cambridge MA. Talk out ideas or work together on an essay in real time.

By-the-hour support via email/phone/Skype. Send me a batch of your work (up to 5 essays). We'll schedule a time for an initial phone/Skype discussion unless you'd prefer initial feedback by email. Then send me revised essays for additional feedback as you complete them, and we'll use whatever combination of phone, email, or Skype works best for you. If you're local enough to Cambridge MA, I can also travel to you.

The boutique "As if you were my own kid" option.

For one month, you will be my top priority client. I'll spend as much time as it takes (within reason), respond as quickly as I can, block out times on my calendar to work with you, and look at as many drafts as you need. Work on up to 5 essays at a time (once you've finalized one, add a new one to the mix if you'd like). Talk out ideas, try on new habits, experiment with creative arts exercises, get support around scheduling and motivation. Together we'll do whatever it takes to find the right stories and get them on the page.

Email me to discuss working together.

If you're finished with college but looking for support around graduate school choices and applications, I highly recommend my One-on-one Intuitive Facilitation. I bring my essay magic if you need it, and we also make sure that you're applying to the right programs for you, at the right time, for the right reasons, and that you're set up for success.