Core Action Circles and One-on-one Intuitive Facilitation

Accomplish concrete goals and take action steps towards your dreams. Replace struggle with easeful progress. Tap into the spiritually grounded structures of an intuitive pragmatic facilitator and the wisdom and strength of your embodied self.

A Core Action Circle™ draws on the power of empathetic motivated peers and the magic of a creative arts journey--sound, movement, drawing, writing, and more.

One-on-one Intuitive Facilitation gives you and your project in-depth attention, drawing from a holistic menu of powerful tools and meeting you exactly where you are.

Either one can help you start or finish a project, get unstuck, or take your work to a deeper level.

Embodied Arts Workshops and Labs

How can different artistic mediums enhance each other and help us access deeper channels of creative expression? What happens when we prioritize the innate wisdom of our body-mind connection and join others in rituals of exploration?

Embodied Arts Workshops take the form of a creative laboratory, with personal storytelling at their heart. Embodied Arts Labs are where I (and occasional collaborators) experiment with new ideas or play with existing structures in new settings.


Writing and Publishing Support

I will help you with your novel, memoir, or other book project. Or your application essay or dissertation. Or even that letter you've been meaning to write to Great Aunt Helen.

I specialize in both structure and process (including the emotional journey of writing and publishing), which means that I have something to offer at every stage of the process and to writers with a wide range of experience.

Tape Club

Tape Club at its most elemental is a group of people all making stuff out of tape, joined by three simple rules: No Waste, Support Each Other, and Listen To Your Inner Artistic Vision.

Tape Club at its most visionary is people connecting, creating, and caring in both fun and profound ways.

From its origins as a weekly club for 1st and 2nd grade afterschool students, Tape Club has become a portable activity for all ages.